Progressive Sheet Metal is a full-service metal fabrication company that offers state of the art laser cutting, turret punching, CNC forming and assembly. The company offers design, development, prototyping, assembly and contract manufacturing.

Progressive Sheet Metal Inc

“When the consultants came to me, they came to me with three things that I should look at. One was tax planning, one was estate planning and the other one was liability to the company. I felt that I paid good money over the years for experts locally and I felt it was time another set of eyes should look at all those things. It was comforting for me to have the consultants do that and come back to with suggestions. They gave me several ways to save money on taxes. I have implemented some of those and I am very grateful for that. When the economy improves or goes down, I got those at my beck and call to use.”

Larry, Construction Company

“With the hundreds of thousands of dollars we were able to save with the tax work that was done by the tax experts, it allowed us to develop and evolve our R&D budget and product development much more significantly. It also allowed us to increase and expand our presence throughout the global market. Now, we have a very significant footprint throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and most of Central and South America. In a sense, they saved the day for our business. “

Dennis, Manufacturing Company

“I believe whole heartedly that taking advantage of tax structures and shelters and opportunities there, is paramount in the success of business. To do that, you have to be set up structurally sound to be able to take advantage of those opportunities. I want to take my dollars that I save from my tax structure and setup to reinvest into company. Understanding the tax structures and what we put in place with your firm and being able to take advantage of those things is critical. We saved tax dollars."

Randy, Pipeline and Tank Inspection