Manufacturers and fabricators face a variety of unique tax issues.  STA’s professionals possess extensive knowledge in tax planning for small and medium-sized closely-held manufacturers.   Their expertise in tax planning specific to manufacturers and fabricators includes the following areas:

  • Export incentives
  • Domestic production activities deduction
  • Asset exposure protection for asset-intensive businesses
  • Inventory accounting methodologies
  • Research & development credits
  • Fixed asset depreciation methods
  • Nexus study to determine filing requirements

Since its inception, STA has provided services to hundreds of small to large manufacturing companies some involved in the following areas:

  • Machine shops
  • Fabrication
  • Farm Equipment
  • Aviation parts and supplies
  • Automobile parts
  • Household and industrial chemical
  • Medical Supplies
  • Fire and safety equipment
  • Signage
  • Cabinets and building materials
  • Industrial tools
  • Architectural railing
  • Picture frames and Household decor

No matter the specialty within manufacturing, the STA team assigned strives to uncover all tax opportunities for business owners while protecting valuable business and personal assets.