Proper business structure is critical in maximizing asset protection as well as minimizing state and federal taxes.  However, small and medium sized closely-held businesses have too often outgrown their original structures or have not adapted to the changing tax laws.  As a result, the business or the business owner is risking business or personal assets and incurring unnecessary taxes.  STA’s professionals have extensive experience in mergers and other tax-free reorganizations, designing multi-entity structures, as well as corporate and limited liability company formation.

To assist business owners in selecting the best legal entity to conduct a business, many factors should be considered in concert.   During the Strategic Tax Planning process,  the team of professionals assigned to the business owner’s case will examine these factors when determining the optimal structure to protect personal assets, protect business assets, and provide the most federal and state tax opportunity:

  • Current ownership of the business(es)
  • Future ownership plans of the ownership
  • Laws pertaining to Federal Income Tax
  • Federal employment/payroll tax
  • State taxes
  • Industry
  • Assets held within the business
  • States in which  business operates
  • Duration of business operations
  • Current business structure